The Bite Size Pickleball Story

I played my first game of pickleball on April 30, 2020, and I was instantly hooked. When I went browsing for cool pickleball shirts, I couldn’t find many, and quite honestly, those that I did find weren’t what I would consider “cool.” To me, cool is fun. And, in that spirit, I decided to launch my own brand of pickleball clothing, and pickleball gifts.

In addition to being a designer, I have written for over 50 publications, including Pickleball Magazine, the L.A. Times, and ESPN Magazine. I also host the Bite Size Pickleball Podcast, and Facebook Group. And you can order my book Best Pickleball Writing 2023 from Amazon, as well as the new book How to Play Better Pickleball directly from the header of this site.  

 Thanks so much for your interest in the Bite Size Pickleball! Please feel free to drop me a line if you have anything to share, or would like to get in touch for business purposes. 

– Rick Cipes